Friday, 27 September 2013

Artisans - Keeley13

Keeley Page is an artisan with a difference, her knitted gifts are so awesome they sell out very quickly, each one is designed and created by Keeleys fair hands and lots of love goes into them
I'm so happy to be able to call Keeley a friend and a great crafting inspiration
The monsters have so many fans that as soon as a new one comes out, there already added to current collections, its wonderful to here the giggles and sighs from children and adults who pop by my shop and see them. When Keeley is at craft markets you can hear the same reactions, her stall stands out with its orange and purple base colours, it kind of makes the monsters come alive...

Here's Keeley in her own words

I'm a middle age nutter who is a full-time Mum to a beautiful daughter, a part-time nursery assistant and a spare-time crafter. My passion is knitting and creating my monsters.
My Nan taught me to knit when I was little. I used to knit clothes for my 'Sindy' dolls.
I left school and spent the next 6 years at various art colleges and university, where I specialised in jewellery design. I didn't pick a pair of knitting needles up until I was pregnant in 2003. I knitted baby jumpers and hats. Charlotte was born so being a Mum and working took over. 
I picked up my needles in 2010 after being made redundent and knitted various creatures and a monster from bought patterns and did my first craft market. 
This introduced me to Ketterings crafting community. Feedback from this market came in the love for my monster. This inspired me to start designing my own. At the same time I discovered knitting on 4 needles, this gave me the scope to knit my designs. 
I can visualise my monster in 3D and add or take away stitches to make a desired shape. My monsters have evolved over the years, and will continue to evolve. 
I try to source my yarn locally, or via internet. I like looking out for unusual yarns. 
Recent monsters are incorporating my other crafting passions, like papercraft, in the form of tin houses and suitcases.
You can view Keeley's facebook here and happily she sells in my shop and the website too

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