Monday, 9 September 2013

Sunday I spent some time with a friend chatting and laughing as it was a difficult day for me, my friend who passed away it was her birthday yesterday, we did the ultimate costa of course! Cause thats how I roll!
After having some quality time been girlies I popped up to my friends resting place which in all honesty is very upsetting! Still no headstone! and no one been there since I was last a few weeks ago :( I put a pretty pink plant in its rightful place and will go back with proper gardening bits to tidy up!

Today I started the day off with a cuppa with a friend who I'm crocheting a blankie for! more on that another time! oh my goodness the pattern is a nightmare but i'm getting there!
Afterwards I was crossing things off my much needed to do list and ended up sitting down in costa by myself with some lunch and started having a business meeting! with myself, just little ole me, about how much I need to earn for the shop to run itself, etc etc etc
It was much needed kick up the butt I needed
So thats costa twice in two days!

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  1. I've been thinking I need to sit down in a coffee shop by myself sometime soon, so it's nice to see that you're getting the chance to do so. :)


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