Friday, 6 September 2013

Upcycled - Jumper Art...

A lovely regular customer came into my shop one day and asked if I could help fix her jumper, It was quite expensive and she'd managed to snag it on something and had two little pull marks which she'd tried to sew together but needed them covering
With her colours and ideas of a flower, I came up with teal and grey hibiscus and thankfully she loved it, and to be honest it was nice to do something different
Each hibiscus is hand cut out and handstitched in place
She kept asking me how much but I really didnt mind so I said next time you pop by I'll have some flowers as I really didnt want to take any money for doing it, in fact I like it so much I may well upcycle an item of clothing of mine!

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  1. That is so sweet of you and your sewing is always immaculate! I bet that was one happy customer.
    Well done you.
    Katie xx


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