Monday, 30 September 2013

Instagram Catch Up

This week has flown by soooo quickly with not been captured, its been full of our house guttering and facias been replaced with new ones (looks so much better) homework, cuddles and nearly finishing off Jacks bedroom
We acquired a scalextric off a friend so had quite a few hours of fun over the weekend that
To get some much needed fresh air a trip out to the local park for a run around, play and icecream was very much called for

Cant believe how big they both look now x

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  1. Hi. I know it's probably too late - but- I was doing a search on a pattern called truly scrumptious by Cinderberry Stitches and an old post of yours popped up saying you were selling the pattern. I didn't see any comments under the post so I thought that maybe if you still had it that you might be interested in selling it. You can email me back at It looked in the post like you had 7 of the 9 patterns. My name is Tammy


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