Thursday, 3 October 2013

so far its been a week of feeling in the dumps but i'm slowly picking us up out of it! well a little
the turn in weather certainly has helped, all the rain and chill in the air is not what i'm wanting right now
my mouth is looking a little goonie! with a huge ulcer from ulcer land! and Im still upset over my gorgeous tabby cat still not returning home :( its been weeks now! and to top it off I came home to make a discovery and then have to sit my little one down and explain that George has gone to hamster heaven! sigh... what a week so far...
The boys have a day off school tomorrow, teacher training half way through a half term is beyond me but there you go! so Jack is off to a friends house, Riley has a hospital appt and then some fresh air at the park is called for me thinks
Riley fell over a few days ago in the playground at school and really scuffed his knee bless him, a visit to the pharmacist today and some new dressings are hopefully the answer to the gunge!
In the evenings I've been making a few pumpkins to adorn a wreath!
i have lots of tutorials all in drafts but they just need a little tweek before I share them with you

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