Monday, 25 November 2013


I'm playing catch up with so much stuff at the moment! After my break away I realise how important it is to get out in the fresh air each and do a little walk at least! My plan is to walk to work as much as I can (this worries me incase my little one is poorly and if it chucks it down with rain lol)
You really cant beat that sea air though
I'm reshuffling the shop around as I feel it needs a little change and I need more wall space!
I've nearly finished decopatching Beatrice! but I ran out when to put it simply I only needed one more sheet! So her big reveal will be soon, I loved recreating her new look and hope to do another one soon
Whilst away I practised colouring my own fondant! I was a little happy with the end results and cant wait to have a go this week at decorating some cupcakes (i'm having an evening event in my shop so of course i'll be baking a lot this week)
I'm enjoying my new read to the point I dont want to put it down, although I have too as of course dinner wont cook itself and I dont want to get the pages dirty (like I did when reading Twilight! seriously did not put those books down for 4 days!)
I've had more of a clear out of crafty goodness in the form of magazines and books, and at home i'm filling the charity bag nice and quickly
This weekend has seen a big blitz at home ready for the busy week ahead and hopefully it will stay this calm and peaceful for a little while! (yeah right with boys in the house!)d

This week is a making, creating, sorting out kind of week, I cant wait to share my new studio space that I now share with my lovely friend, its super cosy in there and great to be working alongside someone creative
The new venture is nearly on the horizon, just awaiting some more news before we can shout out about it!

Thats about it, another week full of stuff! home, family, work and play x

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