Monday, 3 February 2014

January update!

I've been so busy of late!
What with running my shop, sorting out the tax return! (boooo) booking into events, helping set up the new pantry right next door to my shop (more on that in another post) creating new ideas for my own personal store and on top of all that the normal home and family routine!
January was certainly a hectic month
I realised today that I havent called my parents as much as I normally do! I havent walked the dog for as long as I normally do and I've only just managed to dye the roots of greying hair this weekend!

February isnt going to be much quieter to be honest! Whereas the shop is quiet as retail sales are always slow in the beginning of the year, I'm using the time to update the studio space with painted chairs! (again more on that in another post!) Update the shop and to get into a routine with the working a couple of days in the said pantry next door!

That all said me and him indoors actually went out Saturday evening, with no children! We met up with some friends and had a lovely meal and trapse around some Northampton bars! (havent done that in years!)

Then on Sunday we took the little one up to Wicksteed Park for a walk and lots of fresh air!
Its in the process of having a lot of work done to it, can you believe this was the boating lake last summer!
Roll on the rest of February x

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