Thursday, 16 October 2014

Odd jobs and all that jazz

Sometimes this blogging malarky doesnt get on, but it doesnt mean i'm not thinking of my blog, because I love it, alot. Sometimes life just gets in the way, cooking, laundry, family time, housework, creating, catching up with 24! (currently only on season 4 of 10!) animals especially the old moggies, always got my eye on them and everything else inbetween all of that!

Things like fresh home cooked meals, slimming world style
Reading a new book

 Finally sorting through this lovely lot of odds and ends
Creating a library in my studio for people to use, its great when people bring in donated books as I love looking through them all and putting our stickers in them
Finally getting the courage to switch on the sewing machine and use it!
and so much more odds and ends of life ...

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