Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Selling my wares!

I attended a craft fair on Saturday ran by the two girls Hayleigh and Michelle from Lollyrocket
It was a really successful event and I was so pleased I was invited along to sell there

If I was been honest though I was really nervous as its the first event I've done for so long as just little ole me!
I wanted so much to have a better display than I previously have and I really like with what I came up with, its simple and worked (plus the fact the table was only 4' really helped)
I used the vintage suitcase I got the bags of yarn ends in (thats a soon to be project) and a cabinet (another on the go project) trug and basket
It kept it all contained and I have to say I went home with far less than I arrived with which was a really big confidence boost for me


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