Friday, 17 March 2017

Learning new skills - Upholstery

I'm all about learning new skills so when I saw a local two week part upholstery course I booked on it straight away.
The project was a footstool which was included in the price, all I had to bring along was some fabric, I chose quite an old style of fabric but with the idea of making it quite contemporary!

Week one was all about stripping down the footstool and learning some techniques of how to do it properly

As you can see it was quite a vintage footstool with a very faded fabric, but once stripped it was a basic base of wood, I've brought it home to do some homework on the legs, before we start recovering next week
A good sanding and clear wax and I was all ready for part two of the course
Week 2 was all about the re upholstery, with everyone on the course doing their footstool slightly different it enabled us all to see a few different techniques that we could use on another project.

It was a great course teaching us how to use the foam, stretch the fabric, staple to the footstool, add decoration as finishing touches and tidy up the underneath

It wasn't until the end that I realised my fabric was not upholstery fabric at all, and to be honest I hadn't even considered it as a problem, I just loved the print and knew it would be lovely for the footstool, thankfully it worked really well so I know when I do this again to not worry too much about the choice of fabric and to challenge myself with a different design

The course was run by Maude & Stanley

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