Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Pancake Day Madness

It was pure madness as I truly believe this year I totally overdosed on pancakes! Which I didn't even know was possible!
We had work pancakes and way more than the intended amount per person but they were too totally delicious to refuse!

Then homeward bound and little man requested the big fat squidgy ones!
Rather than buy them I found a brilliant recipe so they were homemade and I will be using this again and again, possibly a weekend ritual!!
So many toppings to choose from but Nutella and Strawberries won the day with lemon and sugar a close second
Fabulous recipe found here
Was super easy to follow and we managed to make a batch of 14 fat squidgy ones!

...and I was lucky enough to use some amazingly fresh baby duck eggs in the mixture...delicious and free range

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  1. Once I start making pancakes, I can't seem to stop. For some reason on pancake day I realise how quick and easy they are, so we have them every day for about a week .... then I forget until the next year lol xx


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