Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Why Vegetarian!

As I said in my previous post I was trying to start a new page here and there but really I am a throw it altogether kind of gal as that truly shows my personality and quirkiness!
This is one of my posts from my new now gone blog that I'm transferring over...

I get asked quite a lot why I'm a vegetarian, quite simply its an easier diet for me to digest!
I've suffered with IBS since I was diagnosed in my early 20s, I struggled digesting meat as the effect after eating it was quick, generally bloating and nausea.
In my late 30s I decided enough was enough and over a few months I gradually removed meat products from my diet and introduced more vegetables, fish, eggs and fruit to replace the nutrients I was losing.
It worked I can now eat a meal without feeling ill, there are still occasions when IBS rears its ugly head but I can deal with it so much easier than before.

I've found so many new favourite foods since taking the plunge, figs and avocado are just two of them...

Monday, 17 July 2017

The urge to seperate things!

Some time ago I had this overwhelming urge to separate life as I knew it!
I wanted to keep business, home and fun separate!
I tried and failed miserably!!!! It all seemed to fall apart around me! I had a blog account here and there and an insta/fb/online shop and this and that!
arghhhh, its just all become too much!

Trying to grow and develop a small business and have perfectly perfect photos and show and tell is just not who I am on a daily basis! I'm just little ole me! A 42 year old wife, mum and animal lover who's life is escaping her and who is desperately trying to reign it all back in!
Do you ever feel like this!!!
Sit back and think I've took on too much again! There are too many angles to this and that so lets just put them all together because that's who I am! That's how I work!

So sod the extra blog and insta that goes with it! My love and desire for food photography and sharing recipes can continue here in my good ole faithful space.
Sod the extra this that and the other! Its all staying here, the space that has kept me sane over the years as I've offloaded about life in general!

I hope you stick around to read more ramblings from this cat mad woman trying to make a mini empire and keep her home reasonably tidy!