Friday, 18 August 2017

Life Lately - Full of Veg

This last week has been filled with the general work and home, a few hours out here and there, gardening and just quality time with the boys doing art, crafts and movie watching together

The local community allotment scheme had a charity open day so we popped along for tea, cake and plenty of fresh vegetables which we've already devoured and savoured in our salads
My neighbour are always passing baked goodies to each other and I have to give her a shout out for the amazing dairy free brownie cookies we managed to scoff, they were delicious. Her pear tree had also given off a wonderful fruit load so I have a bowl full waiting to be turned into chutney ready for Christmas presents this weekend (thinking ahead and loving it)

I'm sitting here figuring out how I want my blog to take shape, snippets of our life through the week I'm loving, is that enough! I always have such grand plans to do so much more!!!

Maybe those plans will come to light once I've worked on them a little more, in the meantime my fur babies are keeping me company whilst I type, always by my side!
Have a fabulous week x

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