Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Bats and Blackberries!

We're a few weeks into our summer holidays! I'm mixing work with family and trying to keep calm in between!!
We've took the first week as a complete chill from the structure of school, letting the boys enjoy their freedom. Plans are made for mini adventures over the next few weeks from home art projects to days out

We are super lucky to have this amazing countryside very local to home and within walking distance, and amazingly a million and one blackberries to pick, which of course we obliged
I love finding wishes! I always wonder who's wish it holds and what they've asked for!

I treated the eldest to a boat trip with a difference to look out for bats! It was amazing, awe and fun filled, partly thanks to having to row a boat! sharing said boat with very large black hairy spiders! and rowing said boat back in the pitch black!
Hearing the bats through the frequency on the bat detector was amazing and we'll certainly be booking tickets again next year

The youngest has art stations set up in most rooms of the house! There's always pens and cut paper everywhere! If you ask him what he wants to be when he's older he happily replies 'an artist'
 We've all spent time in the garden whether its tending to flowers, veg, weeds!! or bouncing on the trampoline, its nice to all be in the garden together and I cant wait for it to be finished. Restyling our space is taking a long time but it will be great once its complete

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