Saturday, 15 May 2010

To Share

I really do have lots to share but I'm so busy packing the house at the moment I dont have time - I will be back with a big update sometime this week -
We are moving in two weeks time - all very exciting, all very stressful and once we are in the new house all i'm going to do is sit down and relax (my parents are having the boys for us) so we will be kid free for a week so we can try to get organised a little!
Be back soon


  1. Thinking of you Deanne. Good Luck.XXX

  2. Hi love, sounds like life is fun there!!! hope you get stright soon hun, miss yar tons xx

    ps... of to Cornwall in a couple of weeks :O) will get you some sand...but not sea this time !!! LOL xxx

  3. Good luck with the move and I hope to hear from you when you are settled!


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