Saturday, 10 July 2010

Uppingham Love

Yesterday I attended a monthly fair in Uppingham, its such a quaint little town with gorgeous shops and buildings *sadly we didnt really have time to be taking photographs as we were busy inside selling*
I say we as in Michelle from Button It, she was happily giving out free body shop hand massages and selling her scrummy button jewellery, whilst I was sitting in the room behind selling and crocheting a new blankie I have in mind
*photo was taken at a rubbish angle due to another table right in front of me, and then as I took it, someone nudged me lol and I never got a chance to take another! lol

After the event finished we popped out for a look around, I managed to bag some gorgeous pink wool from 'Age Concern' but the bargain of the day had to be having a walk around a shop called 'Junk and Disorderly'
Oh my if ever you are in the area you have to pop in, its gorgeous, we couldnt stop going 'wow'
But sadly I may have shot myself in the foot as I've started myself a new collection of vintage pyrex!
I'm now on the lookout for more 'matchmaker' goodies to go with this find, which was a bargain at £2


  1. Your tablre looks great. Hope you sold loads of goodies. LOL at the pyrex. I think I used to have some of that. Sorry it went years ago otherwise you could have had it!!

  2. Hi Deanne:)
    I love your dressed table so full of goodies!!!!!..Fab photo your new photo`s in the garden looks like your settling in your new home ...
    Hope you and yours are well:)
    Have a great weekend:)x

  3. Haven't been to Uppingham since i was a child..we had family there, but they all emigrated to Stamford! Your table looks fab and so inviting, hope you made some good sales.
    Vintage pyrex? You mean the stuff my mum fobbed off on me after I left home - which we finally gave to the charity shop about 4 years ago? Doh!!

  4. That pyrex is even nicer than you described it on the phone - I'm sure he'll grow to love it! Any way table looked fab - hope you sold loads. x


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