Thursday, 8 July 2010

Vintage Excitement!

You know when you have something in your mind that at some point you would like to own and when it happens its so exciting but you feel others cant see what the excitement is about! lol
Well I had one of those days the other week, a little shop has opened close to me called 'Nanna's Attic' and everytime I drive by I so badly want to pop in and have a nose around, sadly there times are never correct as they are hardly ever open!

Well I was driving by one Saturday and yelped in excitement at what I saw :)

I managed to find them open three days later and came home with my bargain and pride of joy of the century
I have always wanted one of these gorgeous ole chairs, but on this day I was one very lucky girl, as there were two and guess what! at £15 for the pair I was skipping back to the car :)

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  1. wow what a bargain you lucky girl. Aren't these called Lloyd Loom chairs or did I just make that up? hahaha



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