Monday, 2 January 2012

Blog Challenges

I'm setting myself up for a better blogging year by sharing lots more, I've had some fun ideas like
  • weekly handmade gift guide
  • personal crochet challenges but you can join in too
  • giveaways for new quirkyboots products
  • seasonal treats
  • tutorials
  • more me! but i am camera shy! so this may take some time
  • charity challenges - my donated wool from last year been one of them and its nearly finished
  • sharing other wonderful creative people
On another note I've decided to start to create my russian doll cushions that I gifted to my friend, I'm just in search for the right tummy fabric then they'll be ready for sale - i cant wait


  1. Well good for you D, a holiday full of Christmas has really got you going! Shall look forward to enjoying even more of your blog this year!

  2. It all sounds great Deanne, can't wait to see it all.
    All the best for 2012.
    Katie x


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