Sunday, 12 February 2012

Jam Jars!

Fancy joining in with a fun challenge!
I'm sure we all have a million used glass/jam jars stored in the far corner of the cupboard, oh what to do with them all!
I've found so much inspiration the last few weeks which I've put in my pinterest album here so I thought I'd make a collection of fun storage/gift ideas with them
I plan to share what I've done with mine, need to dust them off first!
Pop back Monday for the first instalment

Join in by sharing what you do with yours, its all just for fun and inspiration x


  1. Yes i'm in!!
    I have just seen a link to 2 great ideas for jam jars and now you've given me the push I needed to et them done :o)

    {Dab and a dash.}

  2. OOO im in! I blogged about Jam Jars yesterday and have an idea up my sleeve :) who knew a whole world could open up with just a simple Jar :) xx

  3. I've actually sold a few upcycled glass jars and I'm in the process of making some new ones...just need some more supplies I'm getting in a few weeks, but defo interested.

    See my blog
    I did do a blog sometime agao about glass.


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