Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Photo Jars

Another way to preserve fond memories is using a jam jar! yep you heard it!
A few years ago as a family we had our first trip to Cornwall, I adored it, to the point I cried on my way home as I so didnt want to leave.
One of the most favourite places for me was time spent at St Ives, its totally beautiful and we spent time on the beach there.
I also collected sand from every beach we went too!
Heres my photo jar
Heres what I did
Choose a treasured photo and cut to size to fit in your glass jar
I filled my jar with the sand I'd collected and a pebble I'd found too
You may need to curl your photo a little, I placed it at the back of the 'scene' in the jar
I then screwed the lid and added a touch of glue so it stuck on and decorated with pretty patterened paper with a seaside feel (added buttons - of course!) and added a tag as a memory for the date and place we visited.
I'll certainly be doing more of these when we revisit Cornwall again (fingers crossed its this year)

If you join in (and please do) pop along to the flickr group and add your upcycled glass jars


  1. That is such a fantastic idea, so sentimental!
    Katie x

  2. Really love it :) i am going to do this when I have my honeymoon! where ever we go lol xxx


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