Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Instagram Catch Up

Last week was my birthday, the one BEFORE the big 40!
I spent it in a hospital waiting room that is so hot and tiny that I honestly really dont like going! It was for the little one though so it was a must!
The meeting itself was something else! :(
To cheer ourselves (me) up, we popped along to Costa for a birthday treat, there infamous black cherry hot chocolate which is just delicious
The weekend saw Small Business Saturday, so my shop was thankfully a little busier than usual, I think the free homemade mince pies helped
Sunday was a family day set aside for purchasing the christmas tree! We trawled around various places and finally ended up buying the best from a very local garden centre
We sadly had to leave this one behind as it was a little bit too large!
Riley was like a foreman making sure our tree was packaged correctly
Whilst out and about at a koi carp centre this amused me outside, but scared little man!
Once home the decorations came out of the loft and so we began to make our home festive!
This week is all about gift shopping, gift making and just getting ready for some much deserved family relaxed time over the christmas time

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