Monday, 3 March 2014

Instagram Catch Up

Its been a week of busy here there and everywhere!
Our first lot of workshops were in the studio by the lovely and talented Lindsay from Evajeanie, an introduction to english patchwork, there was a hive of activity and fabric snippings here and there, it was brilliant and we cant wait for the next workshop instalments
I popped along to the MK Vintage and Handmade Fair to support my lovely friend and studio partner Debbie from Daisysyard her stall looked lovely and those hares were flying off the table!
I also went along for a peep to gain some inspiration for my shop and some events I'm booked into this year
I always love going to see Suzanne from Hearts n Kisses as her stall is always a blessing of prettiness, I dont know how she does it but its just truly amazing
I totally loved this bucket of hearts idea and i've already messaged her asking if I can steal it as inspiration for my shop, of course she was too lovely and said of course :)
I've seen these large hooks before and they are just amazing, I love them
The shop has had some amazing new ceramic gifts in one of which is this terracotta chicken bowl, super lovely
The pooch had a haircut so feels better in himself, honestly he does! he just always looks sad, bless his furry little socks

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  1. Looks like a lovely booth, the chicken bowl is particularly lovely--I have a thing for chickens. lol xx


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