Saturday, 12 April 2014

Fun with Pottery!

Me and the little man had another pottery session this week and we had fun!
She has the most adorable cat called Puzzle which is always a pleasure to see because she really loves cuddles
Riley attempting the potters wheel himself
Once we'd finished playing there left to dry a little
Then we get to paint them and then we leave them with Stephanie for a couple of weeks whilst she fires and glazes them in her kiln

We have so much going on with Riley at the moment that taking him to places like this and spending fun quality time together can still be hard work! He likes very much to do his own thing, he likes very much to go his own way with his own direction in his mind! So when someone is trying to explain to him how to work something he's just not listening! Which sometimes is tough!
But luckily Stephanie is amazing, shes so patient and understanding that I cant thank her enough for her time

He was awarded the messiest potter though - ever!
 My creation from our first visit together - my hug a mug :)
 If you live local to Northamptonshire, Stephanie runs her pottery sessions from her home studio, she has chickens in the garden and her gorgeous cat puzzle is always around to say hello
Check out her facebook page here

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