Sunday, 13 April 2014

Upcycled Bottles

A friend was selling off a lot of apothecary bottles so I grabbed a few whilst I could
I decided to upcycle them by using some chalk paint and napkins for decoupage!

I love how individual they all are because of their sizes and shape
Super simple to recreate so here goes

You will need
apothecary bottle (or any glass bottle), chalk paint, sandpaper, napkins, decoupage glue and brush, oddments of lace buttons etc
*Make sure the bottles are clean and dry before you start, then paint them with one coat of the chalk paint Leave to dry (I left mine overnight)
*Rub down with a little sandpaper over any embossed wording
*Using some pretty napkins remove the top layer as you'll only need that one (mine were 3 ply ones) you can either cut the flowers out like I did for a few of the bottles or cut out sections so your working a larger peice of napkin
*Paint some decoupage glue onto your bottle and  add some of the napkin, gently with the brush press down the napkin so the top is covered with decoupage glue also (be careful at this stage as the napkins can tear easily if they get too wet with glue)
Leave to dry

Leave them painted and rubbed down with a little sandpaper and tie a little ribbon and pretty heart around the neck
I have lots more bottles so I intend to add a little lace, felt flowers and buttons here and there too!

Told you it was super easy, you can use what you more than likely have in your craft stash and they make a great decoration for your home
The lights are just super pretty in my studio/office x

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