Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Our Garden Space - Welcome

The garden is HUGE, like totally huge, it can and will be a fantastic space for our family but at the moment its a bit here and a bit there!
We've removed a fair bit of 'rubbish' like falling down aviaries and the spikiest plants i've ever seen in my life! A ridiculous ivy growth which was suppose to be some sort of a walk through! it didnt work at all!

The easiest way Ive found to sort this space out is to section it off! They will more than likely not be done in order as it depends how much work each space needs!
I've drawn up a plan and everything! Lets see how it comes together over the next year!
This is a panoramic view of it from the back of our garage (sun was too bright)
So here it is again from the fish pond area!
The fish always bob along to say hello :)
We've made a start!

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