Monday, 21 April 2014

Tiny Stitches...

...and lots of them
Its a job to be honest I've been putting off for sometime!
When we moved into this house (*cough* 3 years ago) the curtains were left here, there a beige suede effect and really match the room and I like how they fall to the floor, the big but though is that they were dragging on the floor and it was quite annoying!
So I got my pins out (finally) and needle and thread and set to it!
I couldnt afford to have them turned up professionally and there was no way I was attempting to do it on my sewing machine either! So just a simple turn up is what it called for
and voila, oh my goodness, I really should have done that sooner!
Are you putting a simple but tedious job off! Arm yourself with needle and thread and strong cup of tea and a spare hour and it could be over x

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