Friday, 26 September 2014


My moggies are getting a little aged now, I've spoken about them sometimes on here but at the moment they are giving me the run around
My black cat is now blind and going deaf! (or selective hearing like a teenage child) when he doesnt come in at night time I panic as trying to find a deaf/blind black cat in the dark is impossible!
Thankfully I found him and I had a strong tea and calmed down!

My moggies mean alot to me, Im not just a lover of cats, I love my boys for who they are and the fact they've been there for me for 15 years
In times of need when they were kittens, they made me smile by clawing their way up my new curtains and sitting on the curtain pole!
How Gizmo use to sit on top of the fridge so when you opened it he attacked you with his quick action claws!
How they were my alarm clock way before my alarm needed to go off by padding my face with their paws as they were hungry or wanted to play!
How when I was sad they would all pile up on my lap and purr heavily to calm me down
These boys are more than just cats, they are my friends, my secret holders, my heart...
The custest sign in the world made by my lovely talented friend Stephanie, visit her facebook page here

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  1. I can totally understand this post. It's been a few years since we lost our cats but I remember so clearly that fear when one of them didn't come home at night. Happy to say he showed up soon enough, but it's that moment of panic.


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