Monday, 22 September 2014

Simpler Life - Family Room

I decided to start decluttering properly, I looked in each room and thought about its purpose and how it was used
I started with the living room!
 Living with a welder means when we see metal artwork its generally a must have purchase!
 Who needs dozens of cushions on a sofa when you have a fluffy shih tzu pooch!
This is our tv room, our family room, our huddle in the evening room, we still need a few more essentials like a large mirror above the fire place and more family photos (on new unit once found)
We still havent found the perfect unit for in the alcove but until then a retro table will do, as this always end up as my home craft corner as its kind of out of sight (sometimes!)

Our nintendo wii hadnt been used for so long so I donated it to my gorgeous niece who was more than happy to rehome it, on the plus side when we visit we have something fun to all take part in

I feel decluttered in this room! Its made me feel very happy! very happy indeed!

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  1. Well done on the declutter, I started doing that last year and then lost my way. I need to re start it


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