Thursday, 18 September 2014

Tudor Dolls House Project

I found a little beauty on Ebay in the form of a vintage handmade tudor style dolls house, possibly made around the 1950s
The story that goes with it is charming enough itself!
It was originally owned by a lady who is now in her 80s, the lady I purhcased it off rescued it over 20 years ago when a nursery school she worked at was going to throw it in the skip as it looked so tatty! She took it home and put it in the loft ready for her future children, when her daughter was old enough she took it down from the loft and realised she hadnt done anything with it, but it was still played with for many years, including up until recently when the lady in question was also a childminder so this beautiful tudor house really has been well loved and played with by children for many many years
My plan is get her up and running again, I cant wait, I'll share my progress...

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  1. How lovely Deanne, my neighbour is building a couple of doll's houses, I bet she would love this one!

    Carol x


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