Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A week in the life of me... day 2

Yes its Wedsnesday I know I know! a typical day for me! I left my mobile phone with all my photos on at work! so here goes! 

Tuesday means by lovely little job in The Warkton Pantry but the morning always starts with setting up breakfast ideas for the boys so they can choose what to eat, that gives me time to have a very strong cuppa tea to wake me up and print off any orders from Not on the High Street that have come in over night
I had to pick up some more ceramics stock off the lovely Stephanie on my way to work, its always a pleasure as you get such a great greeting from all the animals
Sort out all the cakes for work! (its a difficult job *drool drool* but someone has to do it!)

Get to an IEP appt at school about a little one!!

Packaging parcels
School run, snack, homework, cleaning and getting dinner on
Back to school at 6pm for a parents evening with little one
Home for dinner and then telling Daddy all about little ones report

To be honest after today i'm a little knackered, man of the house was poorly in the night but went to work at 5am! I'm sure he spoke to me but its all a blur! So we snuggled up for a short time and then sleep was calling!

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