Thursday, 6 November 2014

Creating a Yarn Bowl

Myself and a friend like to book ourselves in for a pottery session once in a while, this is about the 4th time now and I knew that I wanted to create something that resembled a yarn bowl!
I'd seen so much inspiration on pinterest that I just had to give it a go

We used Stephanies traditional potters wheel which you kick and had a good laugh trying to move our foot and hands at the same time! (its quite difficult you know)
I made my bowl and let it dry a little before scratching in the words yarn a holic and marking out where I wanted the yarn to come out, I also added some holes opposite that to hold some crochet hooks in place

This is a peek before it went in the kiln
and this is it now its been fired and glazed
I LOVE it, I'm so proud of how far I've come with making something that actually looks like a bowl!

Stephanie sells her own creations on facebook here

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