Friday, 5 December 2014

A week of Pinterest - day 7

How do you dress your table for Christmas dinner, do you go full on with the decorations? keep it simple? colourful? fun?

Heres some inspirational ideas i've found on pinterest, theres so many to choose from

Our dining area is teal blue with bursts of cerise, this year i'd like to colour co-ordinate, I especially love the lights in mason jars as a centre piece
 I love this idea for people coming around before the christmas rush and gift giving time
 Pop along to pinterest and do tag me if you have some fun ideas too

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  1. Oh my those are so pretty, the last pic looks totally edible! I never fancy up the table, there's never any room once the food is on there (I'm a pots and pans on the table kinda gal!). Although I do make an exception for Christmas crackers!
    You know what, I have no idea if you can buy just the fabric for the Santa. Perhaps you'd find such a thing at Spoonflower? Although you probably wouldn't get it in time and postage costs may be pricey. The magazine I got it in only just came out, so you'd find it in the shops I'm sure. As I sewed him up, your sweet owls came into my head. Love those owls.
    Oh and did I already say... CONGRATULATIONS Mrs Young? Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness.
    Katie xx


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