Monday, 5 January 2015

Book Review - The Fault In Our Stars

Well, this book takes me back to France, our family holiday, a must read my dear 15 year old niece said to me!
She was right, I was gripped, I was also blubbing my heart and soul out on the ferry returning home and tried my best to hide myself behind the book to no avail! It was very obvious I was blubbing as my face was dripping wet with tears!

If you havent heard about this story then I'll let you have a brief introduction, two teenagers are brought together through their fight with cancer, their journey to find the author of a book that has no ending! the book highlights how one teenager is living with this awful disease, and thats where I'll stop, there are twists and turns that will have you reaching for the tissue box, so make sure its handy
Most of all, let it into your heart and enjoy...

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