Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Home Storage!

Theres not many storage cubby holes in this house! I have nowhere to hide my larger cleaning items!

As part of my simpler living I decided to totally declutter under the stairs and make it into a useable space for what I needed!
Everything came out! The cupboard went back in which has all of our dvds and cds in (ones that we seriously cannot bear to part with!)
There was so much in there that I quite literally did not know where to start! but I started with bags! donate, rubbish and keep!
It worked! only what we needed went back in with plenty of space for my hoover, ironing board and happily the ironing basket too
Dont get me wrong, its not a pretty space! but it is a pretty darn useable space and thats what matters isnt it!

I've been using this new space for some weeks now to make sure it really did work before I posted it on here, well its certainly worked for me so now I wont be getting stressed falling over the hoover and mop bucket all the time will I!

Therefore helping towards my simpler lifestyle, and believe it or not I had a large recycling bag of rubbish, and two bags of home items for the charity shop just from this small space!!!

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