Monday, 26 January 2015

What a month...

January is always a busy month, this year has been tougher I feel
We've had our boys birthdays, turning 13 and 8 are huge milestones and i'm still in shock at how quick the time is flying with my babies
I lost my moggie which in all honesty hit me really hard especially as his brother is still showing his grief by constantly meowing
We've had a really good sort out of things that are no longer needed and either donated, ebayed or tipped them
I've had the dreaded tax returns to do which are taking up so much of time due to still having to deal with the partnership of my gift shop
and then daily goings on added on top of all of that

February will see things getting back to normal hopefully! also the start of our hallway been redecorated (cannot wait its been prepped for over six months)

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