Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Fur Babies

Last week was one of those weeks, me and the little one had the dreaded lurgy so not much happened, but something super fun did happen amongst all the tissues and sneezing!!!
My lovely friend was moving house and to a much smaller garden, so we have happily rehomed her bunny rabbits, there super gorgeous
So please meet the new additions to our fur baby family
Bruce and Lee!!! (renamed by my son)
They've settled in really well, Bruce (brown bunny) is really good to handle, Lee (black n white) is a little more 'adventurous' but he'll come round
They are currently living in the conservatory in indoor hutches which are great, but whilst cleaning them out, Lee decided to escape and have a look around the rest of the house!
I'm sure i'll be updating how the bunnies are getting on along with the rest of the fur baby family...

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