Sunday, 31 May 2015

May Bank Holidays

Its another week of school holidays! They come round so fast nowadays!
We had nothing planned so just took each day as it come
Country park walks
Wicksteed Park fun with friends
Quality time with films, reading and dinner time chat

The boys had their dental appointment!(Riley still quite nervous of the dentist and wont sit in the chair so Jack was helping and the dentist is amazing with him)
We made an overnight decision to go to Lego Land
 we got soaked on the log flume!
To top of the end of the week was my lovely friends renewal of their wedding vows, we were invited to the evening 'do' and it was just amazing, a swing band, blues brothers tribute act and many many tears and laughter and memories made
and now its back to normality of alarm clocks and school routines...

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