Monday, 20 July 2015

Fairy Lights

After seeing a great idea in a magazine I set about trying to create something similar myself, so I used fairy lights I already had sitting around and got to work
I decided to use mine to pretty up the kitchen area in the workshop (more on that soon)

All you need is
Fairy lights, fabric, plastic shot glasses, decopatch glue and brush and paper and pencil to create your template
 Using the shot glass as a template roll it to draw a template of the size required
 Cut out your template and then use this on your fabric to mark out the design, I needed 20 fabric cut outs
Brush some decopatch glue onto the outside of the shot glass
Gently put your fabric cut out on the glass making sure you line the edge of the fabric with the rim of the cup, press gently so any air bubbles disappear
You may have a small overhang of fabric, simply add some decopatch glue to this and again gently press closed
Leave on the side to dry
Once dry you then need to add a hole in the base of the cup for the lights to go through
(after much trial and error, this is the way I found the best!)
Using my glue gun (no glue) just the heated end I placed it in the middle at the bottom of the cup and waited as the heat melted through it, I pushed the fairy lights through straight away, as when the plastic cooled it also shrunk a little holding the light in place perfectly
Then look pretty darn proud of yourself because you've just created some pretty fairy lights that everyone will want :)

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