Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Book Review - Miss Peregrines school for Peculiar Children

This first novel by Ransom Riggs caught my eye in an English bookstore in Luxembourg!
I was drawn to it by the front cover (which to be honest is a constant thing with me and books) I flicked through a few pages, read the back cover and was sold

Once I started to read I'll be honest, I scared myself! not quite knowing what was coming my imagination ran away with me and I couldnt actually get to sleep that night! (darn imagination!!)
The story is about a boy called Jacob who is told stories by his grandfather about children who can do peculiar things, the house within they live encapsulates you and your imagination will truly run wild
From his grandfathers stories, Jacob becomes involved in a world that seems fairy tale but soon realises that to every fairy tale there is a monstrous demon on the other side!

This is a must read! I beg you! you will not be disappointed, i'm off to purchase the sequel as I cant hold off much longer to see how the childrens future unfolds

Ransom riggs website is also a must visit, find it here

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