Thursday, 19 April 2007


Lots of exciting stuff to put on here but I'll start and end with this one at the moment.
We are booking our holiday today!!!!
Me, Terry, Jack & Riley are going away with our friends Cazz & Mark and their SIX kids - yippee - cant wait for the break...
A beautiful cottage in Cornwall, me and Cazz are especially excited, like big kids - hehe...
You would be too if you were going somewhere as beautiful as this!!!

ttfn x

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  1. Hi I pressed "next blog" and here you are ... What a wonderful blog you have here. I love your atmospheric photos. That building there reminds me of a church I once visited in Wales. I'm a blogger too; I keep 3 blogs. Gledwood2.blogspot is the main one - it's my online journal. Last week I also opened 2 video blogs with music and comedy clips. You're welcome to drop by any of them for a look. Hope to see you there, meanwhile keep up the great blog here!

    All the best 2u
    "gledwood vol 2"


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