Monday, 10 September 2007

Gone green...

... no i'm not floating through the grass with no shoes on. Just felt like been green today, actually it was inspired from my wedding fair yesterday. I saw the most beautiful prom/bridesmaid dress and it was 'green' and I got thinking, ummmm I like it.....
Will add more later.
Does anyone know where I can get a better looking template and blog header though, thats easy for me to use!!!!
I'll leave with a few photos of my wedding fair though, not many designs on the table as I didnt want to overload it, hence the folder and I also promoted my website alot.

It was quite dark in there to begin with, so apologise for the moody photos. ttfn


  1. FAB FAB FAB !!!!

    So pleased you posted these photos.

    Your table looks stunning and so classy :)

    Well Done You :)

  2. I use one of the blogger supplied templates and changed the colours. Got used to it now so guess it will stay.

    Still haven't sorted out how to add a day

    One Day . . that's what I should have called my blog :D


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