Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Playing catch up

I did have the HS-MS for yesterday, but it was just too late and dark to photograph.

Cake - A soft, sweet food. Find 'cake' in your space today.
Some lovely homemade ginger cakes, I ran out of cake cases so had to use mini ones too, perfect size for a lunch box though!
Print - To produce in large quantities by mechanical process. Find 'print' in your space today.
My printer is loaded on top with all my cornwall goodies - really miss my holiday there and my funky little sunshine buddie...

And as for this little monster, you'd think butter wouldnt melt right! Your wrong, this boy can shout, he is so vocal, you can just really tell he wants to be up about doing stuff, he watches Jacks every move. I'm looking forward to his next development of crawling but with anticipation - lol.Right I have the general day to day stuff to go on with today and then I want to get started and finished on my LO for bad girls, once screamer is asleep that is - lol x


  1. Cakes look lovely. Your baby is so cute, I can't believe he's any trouble! ;-)

  2. Your cakes look fab and your printing buddy is sooo cute!! Your little one is just gorgeous!

  3. Ginger cakes look good enough to eat...the dinky ones are especially cute.

  4. Ha! Love the honesty about the cases!!! Great shot.

    Great print photos and your sunshine buddy is awesome :)

    Love your son :) So frustrating for the second child to be ble to see what the first is doing but not be able to join in . . . ha wait till he can then the fun will start :)

  5. Awww he is such a cutie - it does look as if butter wouldn't melt! Great photos for cake and print.

  6. what a cute boy :-) great printer(i've got the same)

  7. i'll have one of the big cakes please...yummo. Could you email me the recipe if you don't mind... I love ginger cakes:)

  8. Glad to see the catch-up. those cakes good yummy. And that little darling can almost talk with his eyes.


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