Tuesday, 11 September 2007


just a quickie, should be in bed as knackered, but I've finished my LO for bad girls, but will photograph tomorrow in better light!
Jack and his friend Jake started beavers tonight, bless um.
My little un is such an emotional boy, he doesnt really like confrontation, sudden loudness etc, so he did get a bit tearful as I dropped him off and when Daddy picked him up. Hopefully this will help with his confidence, as he has got so much to offer but holds back alot of the time.
Anyways see you with a better update in the morning.

Oh and if anyone has any idea how to get a white gel pen restarted, let me know, cause I am fed up of popping to the shop to always get another one! Once I havent used it for a week say, it stops working altogether! I try everything.... very annoying.

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  1. do you store the pen either with the point down or level? That seems to work for me.


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