Monday, 29 October 2007

HS-MS - Bathroom & Window!

A problem with our laptop battery meant that I havent been able to play with HS-MS for a few days so I thought I'd play catch up (sadly not with sps and sos) and I still have the dreaded flu.

Friday was Bathroom - Sadly our bathroom is a grey suite!!! It will be replaced one day! Our favourite family item in the bathroom though is our toilet seat! What - I hear you say! But its all glittery... LOOK...A short story, quite some time ago, we went to London with some friends of ours, ended up in a cocktail bar and Terry came rushing back from the toilet 'You gotta go and see whats in there'!!!
Went rushing in there and it was this toilet seat!!!! Hence he got it as a joke christmas present from moi!!! I know, wierd arent we - lol.

Today is Window - Show the whole window, the curtains and window decoration.
I did have to cheat a little, cause it kept going dark, so you got 3/4 of the window.

Its Jacks room, all his wooden toys, car 'movie' toys are on there. Everywhere else in the house all the window ledges are bare as I like them uncluttered a) because I just do and b) cause the cats would knock it all off anyway - No honey the cats DO NOT rule this house!!! lol


  1. love that toilet seat! and that's a cheery window (^_^)

  2. I love the toilet seat, my mum brought a new house last year and she has 3 toilets and 2 of them have glittery seats she can't get new one because my 17year old daughter and my 7year old niece love them. Love your sons curtains with the cars. :~) xx

  3. Oh I love your sparkly toilet seat and the window shot is fab :D

  4. Fab toilet seat - and I love how the colours in the curtains match the toys!!

  5. Love the curtains. And as for the toilet seat - it's great! (We have a grey suite - think we need a seat like that)

  6. Love the toilet seat - sparkly!!!!!
    Thanks for the link on the glitter pens, you are fab!!! They are exactly what I have been looking for


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