Thursday, 21 February 2008

I'm back

- a short one, I'm back. Had a break away at my parents and after a ridiculous amount of travelling today I'm happy to be home.
It was mega mega freezing whilst we were there, sooo cold, tooo cold to do anything outside, I went to take the boys to the park but for fear of our hands freezing to the swing we popped into the library instead, that and the fact kids had obviously swung the swing around the top of the frame (but you get my gist regarding how cold it was yeah)
Whilst away Rileys walking improved tons, now he doesnt stop! Now the trouble begins even more. He became quite cuddly too, which soo isnt Riley, how can he be comfortable!!And as for this 'animal' the devil I'm certain of it, she is the sister of my three babies and they are nothing like she is, she will not be stroked unless she wants it, she'll sit on your lap when she wants too, if not she'll scratch your blooming eyes out, hence poor Riley felt her wrath when he poked her one under the dinner table (I was not aware she was under there) and his hand suffers the marks!!! One was not happy with that cat.Talking of 'sister' that leads me to another photo added to my Winter Challenge blog, which can be found here
Not much this evening, more tomorrow x

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