Sunday, 13 April 2008

Again the hail stones got us!!! We must have targets on our back lately... :)
Jack enjoyed his sleepover at Beavers and loved the fact he found a dying frog! He has also returned supporting a very slight black eye!!! just a tiny bruise on his eyelid, he doesnt know how he did it, so it cant have hurt that much! cause Jack remembers anything like that - lol.

I'm still catching up loads on my 365 daysDay 65 - Explore - Riley is always exploring at the moment... bless him and his new kitchen.

I have to wait in tomorrow for a new tumble dryer!! so hopefully I'll get my crafting desk put together and some cards made.

Short and sweet today... Oooh yes... actually our gorgeous Wicket chewed the corner of the fireplace!!! Daddy was not amused...

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