Monday, 14 April 2008

The Long Wait...

Wait in from 11am to 6pm for your new tumble dryer to be delivered Miss Evans! 17.10pm it arrives!!! What a waste of a day I feel, although not much more could have been done thanks to the weather, bar food shopping!
My little fella was poorly last night and the majority of this morning - bless himNo crafting done for what seems like an eternity!!! doing my head in, but the hours are just disappearing at the moment.
Edited to add ** my good friend Trak is possibly looking to have a design team on her blog - why dont you go check it out here ** Shes a lovely gal, doesnt bite - honest -

Maybe have something to show tomorrow - till then x


  1. Aww Deanne

    How sweet are these two - keeping each other company LOL!! Hope your son feels better soon

  2. Deanne . Sorry to hear you#ve not had any crafting time. Just nipped on to remind you that the Dovecraft Competition starts today so you can link any craft item you have made using a dovecraft product. Bye for now and i hope you get some spare time soon.


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