Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Crazy ~

~ Golf ~ that's where I met up with my lovely jubbly friend Lorna today. Took the kiddies to Wicksteed Park for a few hours and more.. picnic and lots of walking and waiting for rides!
Jack wanted one last play on the 'octopus slides' so off he went - at that I noticed a little lad crying and asked him if he was okay and he wasn't because he'd lost his Mummy.
Called Jack back over and off we went to look for Mummy and 'missing persons' which I'd like to add did not have a sign post for - in the end I had to take him to a kiosk and get a member of staff to help him! Hope he's okay, bless him. My good deed of the day.

Today I've been doing lots of sorting too - our friends are getting married soonish and as a gift I am babysitting (believe me they have six kids!!! hehe) for a night and we've booked them into a hotel for the night (weekend after wedding) As I know her too well and she is rather nosey, I shall NOT be posting on here where their 'gift night away' is - they will have to wait and see!!! Woooooo lol

I've also been sorting our holiday to Cornwall out, Mum said she'd happily come and look after all the animals! So its sorted, in May we go away. I am super duper excited, I am totally in love with Cornwall - super duper excited, oops already said that, what the heck I am super duper tripled over excited hehehe
Look at this beauty - just what we need, some family time together, how peaceful does that place look - gorgeous :)
The day we come back is THE HEN NIGHT!!! da da daaaaaaaaaa

I will leave you with thislook at how big he's got in such a short time (the dog that is! lol)
I have been crafting but its invites and 3/4 done so nothing to show yet


  1. Deanne

    Wicket is really growing they look like best buds!!

  2. Wow how lucky your friends are to have you, and your babysitting 6 kids - good luck. ;) :)

    Your cottage in Cornwall looks fab - you will have a fab time - I love cornwall too. :)

    And how big has Wicket got - he is beautiful . :) :)

    Debbie x


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