Sunday, 20 April 2008

Somewhere exotic -

- not likely, I've just been busy, at home, in wet and windy Kettering! Still cant believe I haven't blogged since Weds!!! a first for me, me thinks.

We've been sorting out the holiday - I'm tingling at the thought of going to Cornwall again! Silly I know but I just am in love with the place - think we'd need to win the lottery before we could afford to live there though.
Tel's already looking at another holiday for us in August! so watch this space! quite a cracker really hehe

I've been sorting out my craft/utility/dogs room!!! lol I'm fed up of crafting on the dining table. Once decorated I'm hoping for the utility to become my crafting hideaway - yeah right

Here is my amazing magic purchase to save on space!!!
From this - To this - and finally to this - Ta da - MAGICI have done crafting, but its all half done! Lots of decoupage ready for cards as I have two craft fairs a week apart, so I need to get alot of projects finished fast. Thanks to Cazz for letting me have her sewing machine for a bit so I can throw some other bits together I've been meaning to for along time - Will show crafting tomorrow.

Not had chance to go to allotment, really hoping to tomorrow (please hold off rain until I've had an hour up there - please) My seedlings are coming on great, will take some photos of those tomorrow too - all very exciting this good life malarkey - I'm enjoying it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this x

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