Tuesday, 15 April 2008


I knew I was going too, but hey you know it still bothers you!!! Tuesday night is weigh in night and yes I gained! doh...
A few highlights of the evening were been told off like school kids for giggling! (in a humorous way) on a couple of occasions - Thanks Cazz and Steph!!
and I tonight I actually won the raffle!!! Karen our consultant always does brilliant raffle baskets which can be all the ingredients for a complete recipe etc but tonight Josephine I won JELLY!! Yes new Hartleys Jelly at only half a sin a pot!!! lmao
Day 105 of my journey saw me looking at Sloth!!Its so bizarre, when I was a single mum and worked part time, the house was spotless!! Now I have a partner, two boys and I'm a SAHM, things pile up on me - like the ironing - which I just find to be such a chore, whereas before I use to love to do it!!!I asked my friend about this and she said its probably because now I do have time to do it all, I say to myself 'I'll do it later'...I really dont actually like been like this at all.......
and to top it off!!! I've had a slight amount of grey hair since I was about 19! Well the other day I awoke to some in my fringe.. How upset was I... lol What a week so far lol x


  1. Deanne - I hate days like these when things get on top of you especially the ironing!! LOL - I try to avoid ironing at all costs !! Crumpled is certainly a word in my dictionary!! And grey hair - now don't get me started - I woke up one morning and had more grey hair than dark - so I have to dye mine regularly and even then the space between dyeing sessions gets closer and closer LOL!!

  2. Deanne, Ive never seen your kitchen looking that tidy before....(runs away before Deanne can hit her!)


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